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The Blood Moon Is Upon Us! #LunarEclipse #BloodMoon

Tonight is the night when the lunar eclipse goes down!

It’s kind of a big deal.

NeoJake and I have been chatting and he reminded me that I needed to do a quick-and-dirty post about this (thanks bud)!  We sent some tweets out with #LunarEclipse and #BloodMoon to rally our fellow geeks and make sure no one misses the big event.  Originally, I had planned to stay up late and snag some neat shots for us.  Well, I have to get up early and, if you know, me I am not a morning person soooo…  Yeah.

For those of us on the East coast, the lunar eclipse takes place right about now, April 15th 2014, from around 1am to 5am EDT.   Sadly, it is raining and that does not jive well with electronics (and I don’t have a waterproof camera).  Here is your mission, fellow geeks:

Help out our nerdy cause by e-mailing any nice shots you get of the blood moon to geekyantics(at)gmail(dot)com (sorry, we have to be sneaky so that bots do not randomly grab our addy and spam us.

Once we get some good photos from the GANG community, we’ll update this post!  Also, if any weird stuff happens during the blood moon, leave us a VM at (206) 415-4987 and we’ll share them during HorsePLAY! LIVE or one of our other shows.  It’s THAT easy!

La Presa De Daggett PRESENTS "Sion So Hot"
[ source: La Presa De Daggett ]
Now, we won’t get into the stuff about Revelations in the Bible and all that..  We have a nice mix of religious and non-religious types here on GANG but even we believers worry about the wackos that scream about fire and brimstone.  I’d like to think God has a plan and it’s likely well beyond my comprehension so why even bother to try to understand or predict what happens next?

…Besides, don’t worry – everything is AWESOME!


4 thoughts on “The Blood Moon Is Upon Us! #LunarEclipse #BloodMoon”

    1. LMAO! Yes, thank you.

      I reserve “wacko” for the Animaniacs. I would have opted for looney, Bible thumper, chest beater, or maybe poopiebutt (for the kids, of course). So, did anyone get any photos of the lunar eclipse or did we all slack off? SOMEONE in our community has to have a good shot or two – give it up! =o>

      1. Stupid science and nature caused it to be too damn late at night and too rainy to get a picture. Plus apparently I am stupid and forgot to charge the battery for my camera! SOMEONE had to have better luck than me!!

        Anyone?? Anyone??? Bueller?

      2. Damn science not understanding our sleep-eat-poop-entertainment cycles. I don’t even have time to shave now.. And it shows! =oX

        So, DID anyone get a photo of the lunar eclipse or did most of us just say “eff it” in our heads? It would be cool to see some in-house shots. We may have to throw out a wider net. We need some photography enthusiasts and geeks of the female persuasion (we don’t want to be seen as yet another brocast network).

        Variety is the spice of life, yanno!

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