About GANG

Our vision is to create a geeky network with a low overhead and low barrier to entry so that more content producers can share a bigger pie.  In simple terms, we believe that, if the lesser-known creatives of the Interwebz unite, we can level the playing field.  Imagine keeping up with the likes of The Nerdist, Machinima, or Giant Bomb without selling out or being quite as douchey. *wink*

I would say Geek & Sundry (YAY Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton) is the closest thing to what we have always dreamed of doing: uniting geeks and allowing them to share their passions freely. Though blind loyalty can lead to false information, we see fanboys as a good thing. In marketing, a fanboy would be considered a brand ambassador or life-long customer. This sort of passion makes for the most entertaining and authentic content around – just what we want!

The Geeky Antics Network Mission

GANG will allow content marketers with geek-centric (i.e. anything creative, technology, gaming, entertainment, etc.) to grow their audience through an inclusive, rather than exclusive, marketing model.  In simple terms, cross-promotion as opposed to the usual “yes, join our network but we’re going to siphon your audience”.  Syndicate your content, have fun in collaborative projects, and express your ideas freely here.

By cross-promoting via our network and leveraging other networks and sites, we can grow together more organically than we could individually. We are committed to helping the little guys get big results!  That includes sharing best practices, contacts, and whatever we can to help everyone grow.

What Makes Us Different

We know, this concept sounds like every network out there but we have found how difficult it is to get started and stay motivated thereafter. Think of GANG as an alliance and syndication network that functions as an accountability or mastermind group . We’ll help you build and maintain momentum, while providing the tools and know-how to help you accomplish your goals.  Here are some of the perks of joining our network:

  • Mentions and spotlights on our GANG newsletters
  • Access to our shared VM hotline – (206) 415-4987
  • Invitations to mastermind/brainstorming sessions
  • Access to best practices, tools, and knowledge
  • One-on-one and group training/workshops
  • Plugs on our other shows – we share the love!
  • Pre and post-production assistance
  • Fun geeks to hang out with at conventions, meetups, etc.

There are three ways to contribute on our platform:

  • Exclusive Partner – You’re in it for the long haul and we’re glad to have you.  Your commitment to our dreams increases our commitment to yours, which means we’ll promote you harder.
  • Contributing Affiliate – Schedules are a tricky thing and we get that everyone has priorities.  As a contributing affiliate, we still consider you family..  But you might be the weird third cousin who constantly slaps your behind during serious gatherings like funerals and church.
  • Syndicated Affiliate – You provide us with your top content and we’ll share it through our social and marketing channels.  Sometimes we’ll put our personal favorites in the spotlight, too!  Ultimately, we want around a 70/30 split of exclusive vs syndicated content but we’re spreading love, regardless!

Now, the issue with today’s media networks is that the barrier to entry is really high. You have to have X amount of followers, have to be careful what you say, can’t endorse competitor products, and have to invest tons of money to get production quality high enough to be considered.  We hear all the time that the networks expect plugs but do not reciprocate.  That is shameful!

We’ve heard many horror stories of what goes on in other networks.  Many of us have experienced these atrocities first-hand.  These are some of the things we wish to avoid:

  • An all-for-one mentality, as opposed to all-for-all
  • Overly-inflated egos scaring team and community members
  • Too much focus on personal and monetary gain
  • Pandering to hot trends rather than our true passions
  • Being controversial just for kicks (INauthenticity)
  • Stealing credit for the work and ideas of others
  • Neglecting the crucial role of community engagement
  • Going dark in between events and content releases
  • Engaging in foolish race wars and silly competition

Here at GANG we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and no one succeeds in this saturated marketplace without mutual allies.   As such, we make it a point to check our egos and silly notions at the door, focusing on setting up mutual (win-win-win) victories.

WTF is a win-win-win victory or scenario?  It’s when the consumer/audience, content producer, and all collaborators benefit from working together.

Competition is an obstacle we create for ourselves.  So many great content marketers and creatives take on WAY too much for themselves.  They end up getting overwhelmed and burning out.  It’s just not sustainable.  We don’t doubt that you may be super-skilled at a lot of different things but who has that kind of time?   The GANG is here to lighten the load and make things fun again!

In closing, one of our core philosophies is that everyone has a fresh perspective worth being heard.  More importantly, we all have influence, regardless of the size of our audience or circle of friends.  We want to help others spread otherwise-overlooked ideas the right people, so we’re not just screaming through a metaphorical megaphone.  The more people get fired up by these beliefs, the more our collective and individual audiences grow – everyone wins!

Thumbs-up to the geek movement!


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