GANG Openings

First and foremost, GANG positions are unpaid (for now) but, once we generate steady revenue, there will be revenue-sharing options.  The main goal, however, is to help everyone grow their exposure and experience through collaboration.  We are currently looking for the following contributions for GANG:

  • Custom Overlays for Twitch
  • Blog Contributors
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Mastermind Group Members
  • Press Contacts & Lists
  • Bumpers & Intro/Outro Music

If there’s any other way you’d like to contribute, we’re open to all ideas, but these are our immediate needs.  We are currently looking at a four to five-phase growth track over a two to three-year period.  As such, we want to build a solid foundation before expanding into more aggressive, perhaps resource-intensive projects.

Dr. Wiley Tinkers With Broken Robot

Here’s a little peak at some of the ideas we are tinkering with (besides the robots we are secretly building to serve us snacks whilst we play video games and stuff):

  • HorsePLAY! BONUS Episodes:  Tentatively named The Secret Stages, we’ll be rounding up some recurring guest hosts to do bonus episodes of HorsePLAY! and talk about more unusual topics.  One of the things we’d like to cover in a miniseries of sorts is Doctor Who.  These will be audio-only episodes with a much more raw, unscripted format..  That means more geeky antics and shenanigans than the usual HorsePLAY!
  • Social Gaming / NoF Podcast:  NoF (Nipples of Fate) is a social gaming clan founded in the nineties.  At it’s core, we’re a bunch of old friends spread out throughout different games and projects.  We see an opportunity here to spread the spirit of NoF to a wider audience because gaming has certainly become more about the social experience, though the competitive/professional aspects are certainly more pervasive now as well.  This podcast would help us continue our effort of having more casual content where friends just get together and have a good time.
  • SolForge, Strategy, And Game Theory:  We will dig deep into the behind-the-scenes and inner workings of video games by looking at game theory, mechanics, psychology, strategy, design, and more!  Each episode will feature strategies for SolForge and our favorite games from a casual yet passionate gaming perspective.  There are podcasts like Game Theory Podcast, Hardcore Gaming 101, and Gaming History 101 covering some of the niches but we want to take a different angle onthese topics.
  • Spanglish Podcast:  We’re bouncing around an idea for a bilingual podcast to better serve the latino community.  It seems there is a bit of a void here so the opportunity may be ripe.  So far, we have a few established video and radio personalities interested in this project but no firm details yet.
  • International Reach:  So we’ve talked about native Spanish-speaking countries already.  The next step would be having resident correspondents and experts in different local markets worldwide.  Naturally, Japan would be a big one but there are also other countries where gaming and geek culture are on the rise.  We’d love to be one of the first networks to give these geeks a voice and a single place to unite.

For a deeper look, ask about our mastermind group.  We’ll be getting together on Google Hangouts and Drive (formerly Docs) to bounce ideas off each other and refine our current concepts.  It’s a great way to get some extra inspiration for yourself and GANG as a whole!

10 thoughts on “GANG Openings”

  1. The first rule of GANG is everybody has to make a comment and pimp that comment out via Facebook, Twitter, etcetera for every instance of content (real or imagined) that happened here. Ready. Set. Go…

    1. So what I gather here is that you want to be part of the G.A.N.G.? Dude, we definitely need to team up! Wanna Skype tonight about ideas for blogs and podcasts?

  2. I propose a second rule for GANG: that there has to be one or more comments by three different hotties (real or imagined) for each comment made by a dude (real or imagined). Because there ain’t no future, no kung fu and no ka-ching if there ain’t no love. Can you dig it?

    1. Definitely bro! A lot of online content is a proverbial sausage fest or boy’s club.. We definitely want to be as diverse as possible but all the wimminz are already snagged up, it seems.

      Just looking at Twitch, I don’t think there is a single girl, hot or not, that isn’t popular. No offense to the women in the audience.. But that tells you something – we need b00bs.. I am not volunteering! =oP

      Also, there’s a meme floating around about how video windows become bigger when there is a woman doing videos or streams versus a man.. It definitely holds true. I would add that the video window becomes bigger the more attractive the woman is or thinks she is.. High self-opinion is definitely evident in large video windows. ;o)

  3. Hey, I am looking for a way to get involved if you guys still need people! I’ve been gaming my whole life, like a lot of us, and want to be apart of something bigger than myself. Thanks for the articles and content on your site.

    1. Yo Jdeezy! The more, the merrier. What we are mainly looking for are folks who want to go beyond Twitch or their content platform of choice. Podcasters and writers would be great. Is this something you’ve considered? What platforms do you frequent? 8)

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