It’s time to get FIRED UP, fellow geeks!

Geeky Antics Network Global (GANG) was founded by Yogizilla (Yomar Lopez) thanks to friendly nudges from ObioneX2 (James Tarr) and other awesome geeks.  I want this to be *our* baby, focusing on collaboration and building something bigger than any one person, project, or brand.  The essence of GANG is teamwork and doing away with archaic, cut-throat ways of doing things.   It’s all about passionate people getting together and geeking out..

Without further ado – here are the ways we can team up and  some of those awesome geeks we keep mentioning!

Samus Aran and Solid Snake HIGH FIVE!
High fives are still cool.. Samus Aran and Solid Snake say so!

There are many ways we can work together.  Here are a few of the skill sets and opportunities we’ll be seeking:

  • Custom Artwork (i.e. logos, overlays, intros, etc.)
  • Guest Blogs & Reblogging
  • Podcast Guest Hosts
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Giveaways Hosting & Donations
  • Community Playdates & Livestreaming
  • Video Game Tournaments & Ladders
  • Paid Endorsements & Ad Spots
  • Paid Reviews & Promotional Content
  • Public Relations & Media Archives
  • Freelance Writing & Marketing Projects

We are particularly interested in working with small businesses, startups, and professionals in the gaming, consumer electronics, fictional writing, SAAS, and related industries.  You know, all things considered geek.  There are many tangents that most do not even think of.   Heck, game mechanics and game theory are at work all around us so, surely, we have common goals and similar audiences!

NOW AVAILABLE:  Staff Openings & Projects

And now for the entire GANG roster and what we do…

UPDATE:  The bios here reflect our core team; that is, our most active contributors, collaborators, and exclusive partners.   The text in italics indicates each person’s primary department, though we all wear many different hats – that’s part of the fun!


Yomar “Yogizilla” Lopez – Social Media Strategy, Training, & Creative Direction – Yogi is an IT veteran with experience in game development and design that goes as far back to the 80s.  He currently freelances as a ghostwriter, marketing consultant, and business coach (yes, that’s a thing).  His dream is to one day focus on creative writing and game design, perhaps with a little cartooning and electronica music dabbling thrown in for variety.  He’ll be heading up all creative projects on GANG so we establish proper marketing systems, acceptable quality standards, and a wide breadth of subject matter.  Yogi also built this site and many others by himself, which explains the MS-Paint graphics.

Andy “Spathizilla” Fewtrell – Technology & Quality Control –  Yogi’s brother-from-another-mother and one of the original members of Clan NoF (Nipples of Fate), Andy is our resident techie and developer.  He has experience with big companies such as Sierra and CCP (EVE Online).  These days, Andy contributes to the modding community for many games, including Minecraft!  He’s gonna keep things in tip-top condition around here and report about tech stuff.  w00t!  Also, don’t touch his corner.

James “ObioneX2” Tarr – Live Events & Gameplay Videos – Obi is hardcore when it comes to quality standards for A/V content.  He’s been a long-time Twitch streamer and Vlogger so he’s seen first-hand what works and doesn’t.  As such, he’ll be our specialist for quality control and video production in particular.

Dakota “Asmodeus” Ellis – Public Relations & Market Research  Asmo has been involved in various growing gaming communities on the ground level so he understands how things thrive, stagnate, or die off better than most.  We see him as a huge asset because he can provide a fresh perspective for community engagement, sleeper-hit games, and technology trends.  His “can do” attitude will make him great as a community manager, promoter, blog contributor, and media coordinator..  But his main role here is helping us establish new PR contacts and stay abreast of the latest haps in geek culture.  We also have plans to get Kota into podcasting for the first time ever – he’ll pop his cherry right here on GANG!

  • Hiding in the shadows.. So mysterious!

James “Yuri” Fortengard – International News & Reviews – Yuri has often been considered a troll due to his strong opinions and unfiltered expression.  We see him as a passionate individual (and resident asshole) who just needs a chance to show what he’s really about.  Yuri has an impressive resume and we’re excited to have him join us in this auspicious project.  Last we checked, he speaks a kajillion languages and can build a boat out of matchboxes, paperclips, and soda bottles.  It’s only natural we’ll have him head up our efforts to tap into international media outlets and markets.

[Neo]Jake McClenehan – Arts & Promotions – NeoJake joins us as a blog contributor, guest host, and resident expert on the arts.  He will be providing creative oversight on music, sound effects, graphics, and other assets.  Jake loves his indie games and classics, too!  We’re particularly excited to have him share his personal works with us and help us come up with some cool bumpers, intros, and music loops.

Stan Faryna – Newsletters & Community Events – THE Faryna himself is here!  Stan and Yogi go way back.  They used to work on a podcast miniseries called Not Just Another Business Podcast (#NJAB).   They’ve also collaborated on blogs, social media, and marketing projects/promotions.  Stan is a very easy-going guy whose voice will likely put you in a trance.  He is an author with some deep philsophical insights.  Stan is into comics, social games, and all sorts of geeky stuff.

Michaela “PrincessKitty” Langley – Podcasts & Promotions – Ms. Kitty is our first non-dude on GANG but that’s not why she is cool.  Her story is one many of us can relate to.  Her geeky passions, particularly in gaming, helped make her who she is today.  Michaela will be joining Yogizilla and other geeks to discuss the inner workings and behind-the-scenes stuff in gaming: social issues, game mechanics, theories, strategies, and the like.  We’re going to go deep and provide a fresh perspective on games of  the digital and tabletop varieties.

Chris Gannon – Editorials & Reviews – Chris and the Gaming Death Podcast crew join us as exclusive content partners.  Chris shares a lot of the same passions and gripes we have about gaming, movies, social issues, and the like.  This guy is a real geek and we love him for it!  It is also worth noting that Chris considers FTL: Faster Than Light one of the best games ever made – bonus points awarded for that!

Affiliates & Advisors

While we are trying to keep the stench of big, soul-less corporations away from the Geeky Antics network, we do see the value in affiliates, advisors, and supporters working from the sidelines.  These are the folks that are affiliated with GANG but not necessarily part of our network or our core team:

  • Fred Rojas – Marketing, Editorials, & Retro Games – THE Spydersvenom himself, Fred is the founder of Gaming History 101 (not to be confused with Hardcore Gaming 101 or Game Mechanics 101).  Much like Yogi and a bunch of our other GANG peeps, Fred  has a very diverse backgroud.  He is a social media strategist with experience in traditional marketing.  He appreciates games on all platforms and styles.  These days, he is focusing on his career interests but he still keeps up with the gaming industry and geek culture.  We tip our hats off to Fred as he somehow manages to produce quality content consistently without any interest in monetary gain.  He will likely tell you that he does not want to lose his passion for video games and, thus, it is all a labor of love.  Fred is the real deal.
  • Chip Cella – Public Relations & Tabletop Games – CaptinChaos is known as one of the grumpiest gamers over at but, believe us: he is a swell guy!  Over the past several years, he has grown The B-Team Podcast from a warm-up act for VGO (Video Game Outsiders) to one of the most-respected gaming shows around.  Chip has built quite the rolodex of contacts so, if you need guests, he’s a good guy to befriend (for that and many other reasons).  We’re hoping he’ll help us show more love to tabletop games as that marketplace is booming and, really, the stuff coming out is far more interesting than today’s typical big studio video game release.
  • Matt Bradford – Journalism, Canadiasm, & Voice Acting – Our beloved Canadian, MattoMcFly (or “Moto”, as Obi calls him), has been featured on many gaming and zombie-related sites.  He is an active host on Zombie Cast and VGO (Video Game Outsiders).  Matt makes his rounds all over the interwebz, too.  You should check out Matt Bradford’s SoundCloud page (BTW, this is not the musician dude..  our Matt is WAY cooler).

Naturally, as a small team, we all wear different hats so titles are mostly for the purpose of fancypants effect.  Our primary focus will be on podcasts and blog content, but we will be doing more videos, published works, and the like.  As our priorities shift, we’ll expand our core team and responsibilities.  That said, we’re always open to guest contributions and volunteers!

Learn more about GANG by checking out our other pages and use our GANG contact form if you want to get in touch.   We’re ready to  hear your awesome ideas and help make them happen!

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