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Leave us VM on the GANG Hotline – (646) 801-2149 – we will play them live during HorsePLAY! LIVE or the GeekyAntics podcast of your choice!  Any kudos or geeky topics are welcome.  Keep it constructive..  Trolls will not be fed.

Geeky Antics Facebook Fan Page LIVE!

HorsePLAY! is where geeks come to play.  As the premeire show on Geeky Antics, we follow an interactive format with heavy community interaction.  Topics cover geek culture, video games, technology, TV, movies, and, of course, obligatory news.  You can join HorsePLAY! LIVE every Thursday 11pm EDT/EST at ObioneX2’s Twitch Channel.  A word of warning: we can get a little raunchy at times..  And our Twitch chat gets a little QUAZY sometimes, y0.  Parental Guidance Suggested / NSFW (Sometimes).

We are now syndicated on the AllGames Network on Wednesdays at 5pm EDT/EST, currently warming up for The B-Team Podcast.  This means you can now experience us live or at your leisure.  If you want the full interactive experience, 11pm is still the best time to join us.

Our entire podcast collection can be found on our HorsePLAY! LIVE TuneIn Radio station (which is now available as an app on XBox One – here’s our HorsePLAY! LIVE Feedburner RSS feed, for those wanting to download directly to non-Apple mobile devices).  Check out our awesome Stitcher Radio HorsePLAY! station.   We are also on  Player FM, Windows/Zune Marketplace, iTunes, YouTube, and MORE!  Show some love – review, bookmark, favorite, share, and all that good stuff!

For those who have asked, we are now on Twitch under the Geeky Antics moniker.  Bookmarks will be added over time as well as exclusive content.  We are still debating on whether we should pursue an official YouTube channel right now considering the restrictive environment that has become..  But that’s for a whole other discussion!

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