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Stream Team

It’s finally here – the official Geeky Antics stream team!

Living The Dream

Like all our initiatives,  the stream team shall be a catalyst for collaboration and mutual support.  Few streamers can build an audience alone (but they’ll try anyway), especially without proper social media strategy and support.  Even fewer can stream full-time and make a living.

That’s why we are assembling this stream team – so we can all live the dream

Our experience is that streamers tend to focus on the tools, games,  and technical aspects of their stream but they forget about the people, marketing, and social media.  As a team, we can help each other fill in the gaps and strengthen each other so streaming can be more fun and less of a grind.

The stream team’s mission and function will be to…

  • Help us promote our stream team members and Geeky Antics content, inlcuding official podcasts and “pseudo shows”.
  • Exchange services and best practices such as custom overlays, chibis, logos, watermarks, etc.
  • Identify dedicated Twitch marketing channels such as Share Your Stream, Twitch Retweet, and directories/listing sites.
  • Coordinate duo and multi-streams and simulcasts to reach more people and cross-promote streamers/channels.
  • Join us or be featured on our podcasts, which are streamed live or pre-recorded in video or audio-only formats.
  • Contribute to the Geeky Antics Twitch channel regularly, ideally once or twice a week.
  • Gather for Skype brainstorming sessions and webinars where we can share social media strategies, event details, and special promotions.
  • Demonstrate and establish methods for creating buzz, growing audiences, and building brands off-stream.
  • Research, test, and integrate third-party tools for enhancing the Twitch streaming experience (music playlists, virtual economies, image slideshows, chat integration, etc).

…And now for some of the people that will make the dream possible!


Geeky Antics Stream Team

Streamers We Love

  • EnigmaGamez
  • Pufffinn
  • PoopyButtz
  • Mnalicious
  • Maquannas
  • Shannanina
  • Obezianka
Back To The Future - Anime Style - Francesco8657
[ Artwork By Francesco8657 ]

Back To The Future

We’re working on getting Geeky Antics as an official team page on Twitch but, for now, we have our official Geeky Antics Twitch Channel!  The talks with the Twitch Partners team and other key players in the community are ongoing.  Regardless of our official Twitch recognition, it all starts by promoting each other.  If we keep supporting each other, our audience will grow – that means YOUR audience too!

More details and Twitch lovin’ COMING SOON!

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